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As a real estate professional, you are more than aware that the look of a property can make or break a sale. Having great real estate photography is everything and can make the difference between a house looking cramped, or one that's cozy and appealing. St Louis real estate photographer Matt Harrer, understands that the best shots make the difference whether you are attempting to put together literature to hand to prospective buyers, or entice them through listings on the Internet.

Make your St Louis real estate listings stand out from the rest by having Matt Harrer take those all-important photos. Matt is a local photographer specializing in architectural and interior photography, along with residential and commercial real estate shots. He is dedicated to helping small, independent Realtors get the photographs they need at a price they can afford.

These days, having eye-catching photos is more important than ever as prospective buyers go to the Internet first to discover homes that are in the area they want in a compatible price range. Your listing has the potential to be viewed by potential buyers clear across the Untied States, or even in another country. Poorly lit shots can make a room look drab and dull while improper angles can make kill the appeal of a building.

Matt delivers gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing images in digital files that can be easily uploaded to your website or downloaded to your computer for creation of brochures and other literature. He'll sit down with you before a shoot, assess your specific needs and take into consideration each property's strengths, weakness and unusual architectural features. The result will be an outstanding set of photos that are sure to enhance the appeal of your listings and lessen the time that your St Louis properties are on the market.

Give your listings added impact by calling Matt today at 314-974-6334 or contacting him at

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St Louis Missouri Real Estate Photography

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